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>	my_fun()->
>	  Tree = gb_tree(),
>	  .,
>	  foo(),
>	  bar(),
>	  baz().

>	And if a "spawn" this function into a hundred of processes will the
Erlang VM machine create hundred of gb_trees, or it will create just one
instance and a hundred references to it. Sorry if my question is pretty
stupid but I'm very familiar with Erlang.

There will be a different gb_tree for each process. Processes have separate
data heaps. Some sharing is possible [*], but that's just an optimization.

Even if you do
	Tree = gb_tree(),
	spawn(fun() -> my_fun(Tree) end),
With an appropriately changed my_fun, each process still receives a copy of

[*] for binaries of size < 64, sent as messages.

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