About Erlang system nodes

Renyi Xiong rxiong@REDACTED
Tue Mar 28 02:34:18 CEST 2006

I just don't find any clues in otp source code that the primitive command "!" is related to the communication module selected through -proto_dist option.

I can sniff the ip packet to see what happens if we run erlang/mnesia over SSL.

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  On 27/03/06, Renyi Xiong <rxiong@REDACTED> wrote:
    But I found if we run distributed erlang over SSL, it only affects those
    distributed command like spawn_link. It doesn't affect primitive command
    like message passing command - '!' which we concern about. Cause that means 
    if we run distributed Mnesia, it doesn't automatically have encrypted
    communication between Mnesia nodes even if SSL is employed. Is that correct?

    Thanks a lot,

  Hmm..I don't know about that. I never tried erlang dist over SSL. When you say you found out, how did you find out? Did you sniff the IP traffic between the nodes and successfully decode them? 


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