Distributed programming

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Mon Mar 27 21:44:38 CEST 2006

Maybe you should take a look at Eddie?
That could give you some ideas.

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> Hello.
> I have a basic question on distributed programming. My case 
> is: I have a module called launcher which opens a tcp port 
> and listens to connections. 
> When a new connection is made, another process is launched to 
> attend that connection.
> Now, when I think about distributing this for load balancing 
> I see this
> possibilities:
> - Run various launchers on various computers and do the 
> balancing through DNS.
> - Run one launcher on one computer and make the launched 
> processes run on other computers.
> The first has the advantage of providing high-availability as 
> well and all the processes may access the same (mnesia) 
> database. This is something that I could possible do in C (or 
> C++, Python or any language) using MySQL and MySQL 
> clustering, am I wrong ?
> The second... the second, is it possible at all ? Can I 
> launch a process in another node and still let it handle a 
> local socket ? And is it possible to have a pool of nodes and 
> launch new process in the one with less load ?
> Somehow I feel like I am not seeing the whole picture (or 
> that I am missing some important Erlang feature).
> Can anybody enlighten me ? (reading material is welcome).
> --
> Pupeno <pupeno@REDACTED> (http://pupeno.com)
> PS: When I mention servers thing about typical Internet 
> servers: web, smtp, pop3, imap, dns, jabber, etc.

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