The Computer Language Shootout

ke han ke.han@REDACTED
Sun Mar 26 12:47:52 CEST 2006

Thanks for helping clean up the code with the erlang community.  Its  
clear you need to have solid experience with any language to get a  
decent benchmark result.  Overall, I'm pleased with the current  
result on knucleotide.  If erlang can't do much better than this  
without making the code unreadable then thats a fair score.
I would like to solicit a little further input from the erlang  
community that can explain why erlang still performs slower than a  
few others.  The most interesting comparisons I would be interested  
in are to OCaml and Java.  OCaml since it gets grouped with erlang as  
functional.  Java since its a market leader and I have enough  
experience with Java to better understand the rational.
Any takers?
thanks, ke han

On Mar 17, 2006, at 11:22 AM, Kenneth Johansson wrote:

> test=knucleotide&lang=all
> I did an implementation in erlang for the knucleotide.
> And while the code is much shorter than C and fortran it's larger than
> ruby and python. But since this is my first real try at erlang I'm  
> sure
> someone here can do significant improvement.
> Also the speed is a problem it's on my computer 8 times slower than  
> the
> python version.
> <knucleotide.erl>

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