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Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Sat Mar 18 21:18:36 CET 2006

Since the subject is up again, I'd like to plug Brian Zhou's work:

I have repeated what he did, though for a different target
architecture. Some relatively simple things the 'mainstream' erlang
distribution could steal from this are:


    You can see Brian's patch here:

    The first part of the patch does the right thing for linux, but
    it would be better if the 'poll' test could be overridden by an 
    ac_cv_xxx setting.

    The second part of the patch seems like The Right Thing To Do.


    There's a configure option --disable-hipe, but it doesn't 
    completely disable hipe. It stil tries to run 'mkliteral'.

    Hacking erts/emulator/ so that HIPE_GENERATE is 
    left empty mostly fixes that.
The above changes are sufficient to allow me to cross-compile Erlang
for my target with nothing more but correctly set environment
variables. The Erlang-specific ones are:

    export ac_cv_prog_javac_ver_1_2=no 
    export ac_cv_c_bigendian=yes
    export ac_cv_prog_javac_ver_1_2=no
    export ac_cv_func_setvbuf_reversed=no
    export ac_cv_func_mmap_fixed_mapped=yes
    export ac_cv_sizeof_long_long=8 



Daniel Goertzen writes:
 > Hello everyone.  I'm trying to learn the Erlang build system with hopes 
 > of cleaning things up a bit and making cross compiling easier.  I have a 
 > number of questions:
 > 1. Are OSE and VxWorks still well supported targets?
 > 2. Can someone tell me about shared and hybrid emulators?
 > 3. Are purify, quantify, and purecov still used?
 > 4. Is anybody actively working on the build system right now?
 > Any other advice?
 > Thanks,
 > Dan.

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