repos for darwin-x86 ?

ke han ke.han@REDACTED
Mon Mar 13 07:04:03 CET 2006

I have tried using the latest repos 1.4b2 on OS X iMac Intel.
When I run erl (with the path set correctly, I get the following output:

 > which erl
jhancock@REDACTED ~
 > erl
/Users/jhancock/repos/bin/erl: line 30: /Users/jhancock/repos/erlang/ 
erts-5.4.12-darwin-x86/bin/erlexec: No such file or directory
/Users/jhancock/repos/bin/erl: line 30: exec: /Users/jhancock/repos/ 
erlang/erts-5.4.12-darwin-x86/bin/erlexec: cannot execute: No such  
file or directory

So, repos has a darwin-powerpc directory but not one for darwin-x86.   
Seems that your run scripts are correct, just missing the build ;-)
If the reason you don't have a darwin-x86 build is for lack of a  
machine, I can do the build for you if you want to walk me through  
the process.
thanks, ke han

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