Multi-core Erlang

Hans Nilsson R (AL/EAB) hans.r.nilsson@REDACTED
Fri Mar 10 15:55:45 CET 2006

It was compared to a standard sequential system on one of the CPUs on
the same machine.


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>     This shows a 3.6 factor speedup for a message passing benchmark 
> and
> 1.8 for an application program (a SIP stack) - these are good results.
> The
> second program in particular was not written to avoid sequential 
> bottlenecks.
>      Despite this it ran 1.8 times faster on a 4 CPU system than on a 
> one CPU system.

Was this speedup attained compared to a 1-CPU multithreaded system or
compared to a standard sequential system? (I can't tell from your blog


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