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Fri Mar 10 06:19:28 CET 2006

On Mar 10, 2006, at 6:56 AM, Ryan Rawson wrote:

This is off topic for this thread.  But I'm going to have my say in  
support of keeping things on maillist and not fragment the community.
Most all modern MUAs can organize by thread (collapse what you don't  
want to see) AND they also have filtering rules so you can take all  
incoming for a maillist and auto move it to a folder specific to that  
maillist....your inbox stays clean.  There is no problem if you spend  
5 minutes configuring your local mail folders.
Yes, there are alternative solutions.  But none that rival the  
ubiquity of a maillist subscription.   The only thing missing with  
maillist is the ability to subscribe by telling that you want post  
privileges but not receive mails.  This allows you to use gmane or  
others to read and still be able to post.

thanks, ke han

> Gmail is the best UI for reading and keeping up to date with a mailing
> list ever.  It's perfect, each thread is one item in the list of
> "emails" and it remembers which ones you've already read, and you can
> go back to the beginning of the thread without searching - it's all
> right there.
> This particular UI enhancement is _the_ killer app in gmail for me.
> I also vote for keeping things on list.  Filtering can filter out
> threads you dont participate in and leave those you have in your
> inbox.
> -ryan
> On 3/8/06, Eranga Udesh <casper2000a@REDACTED> wrote:
>> No way. Erlang mailing list is a huge knowledge base. Though even  
>> myself
>> doesn't do through all the mails published here, when I face some  
>> problems
>> or when I need to find info, I also do a query on back published
>> discussions. It's very important to have them at a centralized  
>> archive
>> (mailing list), so that it's easy to search.
>> Anyway as klacke mentioned, may be its good to have thread hiding  
>> feature in
>> MUAs, so that anybody can hide/delete unnecessary thread for  
>> individual
>> preferences. May be it's time to put a Feature request to  
>> Thunderbird, M$,
>> etc.
>> Cheers,
>> - Eranga
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>> If that's a widely held opinion, I
>> can of course take the discussion elsewhere.
>> (Or perhaps you didn't mean just this thread,
>> since there have certainly been longer threads
>> that may not have had universal appeal?)
>> Except there isn't any obvious "elsewhere",
>> since the trapexit forums are down.
>> Creating different mailing lists on the jungerl
>> sourceforge project would be one option.
>> I welcome any suggestions/comments.
>> /Ulf W
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>>> Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) wrote:
>>>> I've checked in a bug fix of rdbms_index,
>>>> .....
>>> Sometimes one wish that ones MUA had a feature whereby a mail
>>> thread/topic could be marked as
>>> "never ever show me mail in this thread .. ever again"
>>> /klacke
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