optimization of list comprehensions

Mats Cronqvist mats.cronqvist@REDACTED
Thu Mar 9 09:14:47 CET 2006

Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:

[deleted bits about richard o'keefe's mail reader]
[deleted bits about how silly my example was]

> 	alas, i am not a researcher (any longer).  but maybe i can find
> 	the time to grep around a bit in the sources.
> You don't have to be a "researcher" to publish..

   no, but to find the time to write a paper. maybe we can co-author?

> 	> But if I understand you, you are claiming that normal industry programmers
> 	> are incompetent, ineducable, or both.
> 	   no, you do most certainly not understand me.  and it actually
> 	seems you're making a concious effort to misunderstand.
> I may not have understood *you*, but I certainly understood what you
> wrote.  You made the (arguably defamatory) claim that "normal industry
> programmers" were unable or unwilling to use a fundamental aspect of
> the language appropriately.

   *I* said the "normal industry programmer" prefers to write code (that works 
just fine) without using funs. *You* claim that means they're incomptetent.

> 	   i don't think a reluctance to use funs indicates incompetence.
> If we were talking about C++ or Java, you could be right.
> But in a functional language?  This is like claiming that a reluctance
> to use classes is compatible with competence in C++.

   now, suppose i was a project manager, and some guy managed to write some 
excellent C++ code that did just what i wanted, but he didn't use classes. the 
code's not very snazzy, but fully readable. if i understand you correctly, you 
consider that guy incomptetent, and i don't.
   it is perfectly possible to be highly competent in the domain, and write 
perfectly fine Erlang, *AND* never use funs (except when using mnesia of course).

> That's nice for you.  How about trying to convince others?

   yeah, that's a good idea! but maybe trying to do so will cause me to be 
flamed by some wierdo, waste a ton of my time, and bore everyone on the mailing 
list to tears? so i'll give it a miss.


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