httpd module vs inets {packet,http}

Ryan Rawson ryanobjc@REDACTED
Wed Mar 8 08:23:18 CET 2006

Hi all,

I read the 'fast httpd' howto from, and I also looked at
the httpd module in OTS.  I'm a little confused - it seems to me that
the httpd howto doesn't use the httpd module, it uses a undocumented
feature of the packet driver (which may in turn internally use the
httpd module).  While the httpd documentation seems to describe
callbacks but its kind of thinly documented.  Not the end of the
world, but I'm confused - what is the recommended thing to do here? 
What do other people do?  Say for example, creating a REST "web
service" ?

Thanks in advance for any tips and hints.

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