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Hi Surindar,
I am  not sure of what you refer to as there being a reference
to a supervisor in for instance gen_server:start_link, but non
in gen_event:start_link. There is infact no reference to the
supervisor in gen_server:start_link either. The relationship
between the supervisor and its newly created child process is
established by the gen_server or gen_event code automatically.
And of course the fact that a client function calling the
start_link function is called from the the supervisor in
questions. A supervisor is made to call the clientfunction
starting the new child by placing it in its children specification.
Have you taken a look at the Working with OTP chapters in
the online documentation? There is for instance an example on
how to start an event-manager process using gen_event.
Best Regards,
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Ämne: OTP tree doubts

Hi all,
I have some doubts in OTP design.
1.In gen_event behaviour, it is mentioned in the document that, start_link() function creates an event manager process as part of a supervision tree.But in that function there is no parameter of supervisor reference. In case of gen_server or gen_fsm behaviour, the start_link function has the supervisor reference as parameter. I'm able to understand gen_fsm and gen_server but gen_event is still confusing. If there is any example applying gen_event, please give me. 
2.I can create a thread which continuously running in a loop

%%Functionality is done here
whether the same type of thread is implemented as child like gen_fsm, gen_server, gen_event in OTP tree.
Please clarify me
with regards,
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