Yaws + haXe remoting

Yariv Sadan yarivvv@REDACTED
Sun Jul 16 22:35:48 CEST 2006

Hi Gaspar

I attached a small app, which is a modified version of the example
from the yaws side. Just unzip the file into your root yaws folder and
it'll create a subfolder called 'test' with the working sample.

The test.js file is generated by the haXe compiler. To compile it
yourself, call "haxe compile.hxml".

Yes, haXe is one of those "other" languages, but unfortunately Erlang
doesn't run in the browser, and haXe still beats Javascript and
Actionscript/Flash by a wide margin IMO :)


> Hi!
> Are there any demo in haxe, which is compiled to JS?
> I've found only ones, which use Flash -- and I have no flash at all on
> my freebsd.
> I've looked a little on their site - and because I have some
> idiosyncrasy against C++/Java like languages, I'm wish to see it in
> action befoce even trying to learning it :).
> --
> Gaspar Chilingarov
> System Administrator,
> Network security consulting
> t +37493 419763 (mob)
> i 63174784
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