lightweight Erlang with package management

Michael Leonhard michael206@REDACTED
Sun Jul 9 11:57:29 CEST 2006

I hope there would be an easy way to use erlrt as its own stand-alone
installation of Erlang.  I'm tired of having dependancies among
unrelated software on my systems.  Disk space is so cheap nowadays
that it's not worth the headache to share files among applications.  I
request that erlrt allow standalone installation, completely ignoring
any other Erlang installation.  Perhaps its scripts could even fix the
PATH variable before calling any Erlang programs to make sure that the
proper programs are used?

I'm looking forward to trying out erlrt later this summer.  I'd also
like to test any Windows versions.

Michael Leonhard

> is it correct to say that you want to find out if the target computer
> has erlang already installed? and if not, install base.tgz?
> if erlang is already installed what would be the appropriate measure?
> for erlrt it could be to do install erlrt only, and inform erlrt about
> the location of the erlang installation (soft link?)
> bengt

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