question about Erlang's future

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Thu Jul 6 09:38:48 CEST 2006

> What does this mean for Erlang's future? 

That was 8 years ago. So more than mean, I would use the word meant. The 
"ban" resulted in Erlang being released as open source, with numerous 
companies outside Ericsson adopting it and even more looking into it. 
(The person responsible to the "Ban" has since been promoted sideways). 
DOwnloads of the VM are at an all time high.

> Has Ericsson abandoned Erlang
> development besides periodic maintenance or will Ericsson push Erlang
> in new directions? 

Ericsson is using Erlang internally, and quoting others on the list, 
like never before.

> Where is Erlang heading? 

Proof for Ericsson acceptance is two clicks away from, following technology and open source.


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