Erlang crypt and Javascript

Twan van der Schoot twanvds@REDACTED
Mon Jan 30 01:30:59 CET 2006

Hi Samuel,

I've been confronted with the same problem as you; doing crypto in flash
actionscript in a big flash-base online game.

Although actionscript is a nice programming language it is not particular
well suited to implement cryptographical algorithms in it.

But as long you don't have to do authentication and a preshared key will do,
why don't you implement RC4?  RC4 is in itself very fast and very easy to
implement in javascript/actionscript. (But do heed the warnings mention at
this site, which, btw, also shows the implementation of several other crypto
algorithms in javascrip:

good luck


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> Ryan Rawson wrote:
> >Why not just use HTTPS ?  JS can easily do a HTTPS get, and I'm sure
> >(as an erlang newbie) there must be a https something or other for
> >Erlang.
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> >-ryan
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> >On 1/26/06, Samuel Montgomery-Blinn <sam@REDACTED> wrote:
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> >>Are there any known Javascript encryption libraries that provide
> >>compatible implementations with Erlang's crypt module? I'm having a
> >>terrible time with the half-dozen Javascript implementations I've tried,
> >>from Blowfish, AES, etc. This is for encrypting/decrypting the TCP
> >>socket traffic between an AFLAX ( socket (Flash ActionScript
> >>XMLSocket) and an Erlang tcp server.
> >>
> >>-Sam
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> Because in this case there is not an HTTP stack speaking over the port.
> It is not a "pull" or "poll", which yes of course an HTTPS request would
> provide. This is a bidirectional nearly raw TCP socket connection from
> the Browser via Flash, going over TCP to a server listening on some
> port. The server can of course take input over the socket, but there
> would not be any real gain in that over using some standard AJAX calls
> which would yes of course be able to take advantage of simple HTTPS. But
> to push data to the client (say, multiple streams of stock updates,
> logs, chat windows) without using any HTTP pull/poll request, the server
> has these nearly raw TCP sockets which end up firing Shock events on the
> browser.
> See:
> So to perform this without pull/poll of the HTTP/S request cycle, I need
> to be able to encrypt and sign a message at the server and push the data
> along the TCP pipe to the browser, which has to be able to decrypt and
> verify the received data.
> -Sam

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