Erlang crypt and Javascript

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn sam@REDACTED
Fri Jan 27 18:38:33 CET 2006

Ryan Rawson wrote:

>Why not just use HTTPS ?  JS can easily do a HTTPS get, and I'm sure
>(as an erlang newbie) there must be a https something or other for
>On 1/26/06, Samuel Montgomery-Blinn <sam@REDACTED> wrote:
>>Are there any known Javascript encryption libraries that provide
>>compatible implementations with Erlang's crypt module? I'm having a
>>terrible time with the half-dozen Javascript implementations I've tried,
>>from Blowfish, AES, etc. This is for encrypting/decrypting the TCP
>>socket traffic between an AFLAX ( socket (Flash ActionScript
>>XMLSocket) and an Erlang tcp server.
Because in this case there is not an HTTP stack speaking over the port. 
It is not a "pull" or "poll", which yes of course an HTTPS request would 
provide. This is a bidirectional nearly raw TCP socket connection from 
the Browser via Flash, going over TCP to a server listening on some 
port. The server can of course take input over the socket, but there 
would not be any real gain in that over using some standard AJAX calls 
which would yes of course be able to take advantage of simple HTTPS. But 
to push data to the client (say, multiple streams of stock updates, 
logs, chat windows) without using any HTTP pull/poll request, the server 
has these nearly raw TCP sockets which end up firing Shock events on the 


So to perform this without pull/poll of the HTTP/S request cycle, I need 
to be able to encrypt and sign a message at the server and push the data 
along the TCP pipe to the browser, which has to be able to decrypt and 
verify the received data.


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