Installing the .boot file.

Pupeno pupeno@REDACTED
Sat Jan 21 16:55:18 CET 2006

On Saturday 21 January 2006 11:43, Danie Schutte wrote:
> Since you are going the OTP route :)
> I would suggest stick to known directory structures as suggested in the
> documentation and some leading experts :)
> The basic structure we use looks as follows
> project
> 	bin
> 	lib
> 		patch
> 		app
> 			ebin
> 			src
> 			include
> 	releases
> 		x.y
> 	misc
> in misc we keep our startup scripts
> and the app is started from within the project directory - using paths
> relative to that.
> example:
> erl +A 255 -name troy@REDACTED -boot releases/1.0/troy
> -config releases/1.0/sys -mnesia dir '"/troy/db_data/troy"'
> This way everything is "neatly" placed in the right spot - which is easier
> and cleaner to maintain later on.

Except for one thing, each application is in its own directory (instead of a 
system wide know directory, like /usr/lib/erlang/) so for applications to 
find other applications I should specify -pa or similar and I end up having 
system specific directories on start up scripts, again where I started.
The other downside is that developing in that structure of directories is 
painfully, for every release I make (changing version numbers) I'd have to 
make a lot of moves (darcs move since I am using darcs) and that just makes 
no sense.
Thankfully, istalling the .boot and .script files on /usr/lib/erlang/bin 
worked, I can now just drop a scrip with erl -boot myapp anywhere on the HD 
(like the well know path /usr/bin) and it'll just work.
The directory where I work on has everything on one directory (src/) and scons 
takes care of installing everything where it should go.
Furthermore, now that I think about your solution (which is the OTP standard 
solution, no doubt about that), it has another problem. The starting script 
is not on a well know path, and if I do another script to run that one, I am 
again where I started, having to generate a script... a symlink might work 
All this that I mention will be released short for those that care.
Thank you.

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