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Pupeno pupeno@REDACTED
Sat Jan 21 04:47:58 CET 2006

On Friday 20 January 2006 23:39, Lonnie Smith wrote:
> Hi -
> I am using the erlang.el file provided with the Erlang/OTP distrubution
> to develop in emacs. I was wondering what approaches people took to
> providing arguments to
> the shell emacs starts for me(eg. -snode, -mnesia dir, etc).
> I found the inferior-erlang-machine-options, which is used to set the
> options passed to the erlang shell at startup. I could hard code the
> options in the erlang.el file, but I'd rather have a hook where I could
> specify my options in my .emacs file or redefine my desired options in
> the mini-buffer. Has anyone implemented hooks that allow you to do this
> kind of on-the-fly customization?
Why not using the inferior-erlang-machine-options you mentioned ? I have 
 '(inferior-erlang-machine-options (quote ("-sname" "emacs")) t)
in my .emacs.

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