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Lonnie Smith lonnie_smith@REDACTED
Sat Jan 21 03:39:04 CET 2006

Hi -

I am using the erlang.el file provided with the Erlang/OTP distrubution
to develop in emacs. I was wondering what approaches people took to
providing arguments to
the shell emacs starts for me(eg. -snode, -mnesia dir, etc).

I found the inferior-erlang-machine-options, which is used to set the
options passed to the erlang shell at startup. I could hard code the
options in the erlang.el file, but I'd rather have a hook where I could
specify my options in my .emacs file or redefine my desired options in
the mini-buffer. Has anyone implemented hooks that allow you to do this
kind of on-the-fly customization?

In the meantime, is there a interface I can use to specify Mnesia
directory to use? I currently set it on the command line with, "-mnesia 
dir  Dir", but it would need less emacs customization if I could change
the behavior programatically. I saw mnesia:install_fallback/2, but that
looks like it is a different beast and comes with some strong warnings.
I've read a lot of the documentation and searched through rest with no
mention, so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance,

  Lonnie Smith

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