Uptick: A a new trading platform

Chris Double chris.double@REDACTED
Fri Jan 20 11:42:14 CET 2006

> I believe that Erlang is ideally positioned to run and monitor
> trading systems and scale up to trade as many markets as needed. I'm
> planning to create a front-end with AJAX on top of Yaws and use the
> canvas HTML component for drawing stock charts.

You might be interested in server push options, where you can have the
server pushing events to the html client.

I have a very simple example using Yaws here:


I also describe other options for server based push at:


I have an application that also needs to display charts using ajax
from regular server events so would be interested in what you come up
with. I was thinking of using a flash bridge like AFLAX. In my case
I'm getting regular server updates of  odds and dividends from TAB's
for horse race meetings and displaying them in the browser.


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