How to install an OTP like library

Pupeno pupeno@REDACTED
Fri Jan 20 03:34:12 CET 2006

Hello, I have my OTP-like library in a state where I would like to install it.
Are there any OTP-like libraries out there that are installable (and by 
installable I mean that you can run make install, scons install or whatever 
and get it installed in some system directory where erlang picks it up, like 
I would expect from any library or program).
I'd be particularly interested in tarballs targeted to linux systems or alike. 
If packages like deb, rpm or ebuild exist, better.
I am writting a SCons module to build erlang libraries and applications and 
hopefully, install them as well. Would it be ok to install to where the rest 
of erlang is, like /usr/lib/erlang/lib, or that is reserved only to erlang ?
Thank you.
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