AJAX and Yaws

Chris Double chris.double@REDACTED
Fri Jan 20 11:32:26 CET 2006

> Wouldn't the libs have to be coded in JavaScript and live on the client?

An approach might be something like that taken by Ruby on Rails. This
would involve Erlang code that is run on the web server (in a .yaws
file for example) that generates the javascript. This is what the code
in jungerl is doing iirc.

This makes for nice natural looking server code for generating html,
to create 'ajax' links to other erlang functions which would then
generate the html for the page when the user clicks on the link for

I've written a web app that  uses Backbase (http://www.backbase.com)
which uses a declarative XML format instead of javascript to describe
the ajax interaction. This can be described using Yaws' ehtml syntax
and works quite nicely.

All-in-all Yaws is very nice for Ajax based web design imho.


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