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Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Wed Jan 18 04:45:14 CET 2006

Eric Merritt wrote:

 Well due to some moderate confusion on my part I had the location right
 but the name wrong. The name of the place is 'Isami. Bar & Grill' The
location and all other information is as I described previously. Sorry
for the confusion.

>  I thought I would update the time and location on this.
>   We will have it in Shinwa at 600 5th Ave S. Basically at the corner
> of South 5th ave and Sounth Weller Street at 7:00pm on Thursday. 
> There is parking available in the Uwajimaya parking lot and Shinwa
> validates so parking shouldn't be an issue. T
> http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=600+5th+ave+s,+seattle&btnG=Search&ll=47.597858,-122.327528&spn=0.006106,0.022917
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> Subject: Seattle Area Erl-Lounge on Thursday January 18 at 7:30
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> Guys,
>   Franceso Cesarini is going to be in town for a few days so it looks
> like its a good time to have an Erl-Lounge.  So if you are the Seattle
> area and are interested in Erlang keep your schedules clear on
> Thursday January 19 at 7:90pm. The location is still undecided but it
> will be in the downtown/pioneer square/international district area.
> Suggestions are more then welcome. I will repost to the list when the
> location has been set. Feel free to just show up but if you are
> interested in attending I would appreciate an email just so I have
> some idea of how many people might show up.
> Thanks,
>   Eric

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