Fwd: Seattle Area Erl-Lounge on Thursday January 19 at 7:00

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Wed Jan 18 02:55:54 CET 2006

 I thought I would update the time and location on this.

  We will have it in Shinwa at 600 5th Ave S. Basically at the corner
of South 5th ave and Sounth Weller Street at 7:00pm on Thursday. 
There is parking available in the Uwajimaya parking lot and Shinwa
validates so parking shouldn't be an issue. T


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Date: Jan 2, 2006 12:00 PM
Subject: Seattle Area Erl-Lounge on Thursday January 18 at 7:30
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  Franceso Cesarini is going to be in town for a few days so it looks
like its a good time to have an Erl-Lounge.  So if you are the Seattle
area and are interested in Erlang keep your schedules clear on
Thursday January 19 at 7:90pm. The location is still undecided but it
will be in the downtown/pioneer square/international district area.
Suggestions are more then welcome. I will repost to the list when the
location has been set. Feel free to just show up but if you are
interested in attending I would appreciate an email just so I have
some idea of how many people might show up.


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