XML Schema support

Willem de Jong w.a.de.jong@REDACTED
Thu Jan 12 21:39:52 CET 2006


I am pleased that there seems to be some interest in my work,
thanks for the feedback. It was enough to convince me that, if I
publish this, one or two people will take the trouble to find out
what it is and whether they can use it.

I will try to prepare it for distribution: tie up some loose ends,
prepare some documentation etc. In the mean time I will think about
the way to publish it. I haven't made my mind up yet - I got the advise
to put it on Jungerl, but for some reason I don't get a clear picture
of what it is and how it is supposed to work. What would be the benefit
of putting it there (compared to, for example, a separate sourceforge
project ?)

It looks like the focus of my project is shifting from being an Erlang
trial to being an open source software project-trial... So I may take
the liberty to experiment a little bit (with sourceforge etc.).

All in all it will probably take a week or two (this is just a hobby
project - I have to work during the day...).


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