LAMA: New application added to jungerl

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Wed Jan 11 22:38:47 CET 2006

Very nice!

If you you have the time, then I suggest that you also
make an erlmerge package. It is very easy (basically you 
just add a Makefile target, build the package and upload it 
to A description exist among the HowTo's.

Also, if you check in your generated documentation in 
Jungerl, then it will automatically be available to read
similar to (for example):

Cheers, Tobbe

Serge Aleynikov wrote:
> Folks,
> I added a new application in jungerl, called LAMA - Log and Alarm 
> Management Application.  I wrote it a couple of years ago, and now use 
> in pretty much every system.  I thought others could find it useful.  It 
> comes with edoc-generated documentation in doc/*.html.
> LAMA offers the following features:
> * Event handler logging of all error_logger's standard reports to syslog
> * Setting and clearing alarms that are logged to syslog
> * Defining map between alarms and SNMP traps, so that when an alarm is
>   set/cleared, it will cause an associated SNMP trap to be sent to a
>   configured SNMP manager, logged to syslog, and displayed on screen
>   through a standard error_logger's report.
> * Standard macros to report errors of various priorities
> * Functions to process application configuration options
> * A module tracer for function call tracing
> Regards,
> Serge

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