Ernie Makris ernie.makris@REDACTED
Sat Jan 7 16:41:11 CET 2006


I'm curious, are you using yaws? What are the front ends that deliver
all those transactions?
Also, are you using mnesia?
I'm trying to figure out the best way to use mnesia and yaws in those
types of scenarios.


Danie Schutte wrote:

>Hi Serge,
>   I can give you some references from our clients.  We only use Erlang, and 
>it has been running in production for more than 3 years.  
>Our clients are A grade banks and also some private companies that operate in 
>the financial sector.
>Another example is the article from British Telecom, the reliability of the 
>Ericsson switches, and the volumes of calls - which also translates to 
>The CIO can even contact me, as we answer the same questions for other banks.  
>In actual fact we start implementations in 5 new countries during January and 
>February, so there is a reliable track record that Erlang can deliver.
>The one production system, which has been a pilot project for 12 months now :) 
>- is handling 650 000 financial transactions a month, total value being 
>managed by the system - about 30 000 000 USD per month.
>Kind regards

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