OT Re: Meta-Erlang

Robert Raschke rrerlang@REDACTED
Fri Sep 30 10:43:17 CEST 2005

Matthias Kretschmer wrote on Fri 30 Sep around 07:20 :
> What would be nice additionally, would be a virtual version of EUMEL 
> with Erlang instead of ELAN to develop applications IMHO. I always 
> liked about EUMEL the hierarchical task system and the way the system 
> is organized. Being able to extend a task at any point in the tree by 
> reusing the code of the parent, would be nice for maintainance later or 
> if one wants to extend features. If then you get some view of the 
> program/modules like in Squeak ...

ELAN?  Now that takes me back to my student days.  I could never get
my head around identifiers that may contain spaces.  Does it still
allow that?

With respect to programs as data, I've not really found anything that
can best Lisp and co.  Although Forth (using meta interpreters) is
very interesting, but its philosophy is ever so slightly too stark for
my taste.  The DB aspect of Smalltalk is great for experimental
coding, but I tend to get lost along the way, making it impossible to
figure out what my architecture looks like (or, for that matter, is
meant to look like).

I am a great believer in literate programming approaches.  But that
approach, at least through the tools currently available, depends on
the fact that a program is a listing of some sort.


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