Meta-Erlang (was RE: Erlang vs Java revisited)

Matthias Kretschmer mccratch@REDACTED
Fri Sep 30 07:55:53 CEST 2005

30.09.2005 um 05:11 wrote Richard A. O'Keefe:
> I still remember someone from Xerox insisting fervently that
> "A program is not a listing!"  The Smalltalk and Interlisp-D
> environments were based on the idea that a program is a database
> and that it is a database which programs may populate and
> manipulate.

I was just thinking of what kind of IDE you are talking about (I hope 
it was not too obvious from your posts). I just know one Smalltalk IDE 
(that provided by Squeak). I think the approach of having a view of the 
program as some sort of database like it is done there is very nice.

What would be nice additionally, would be a virtual version of EUMEL 
with Erlang instead of ELAN to develop applications IMHO. I always 
liked about EUMEL the hierarchical task system and the way the system 
is organized. Being able to extend a task at any point in the tree by 
reusing the code of the parent, would be nice for maintainance later or 
if one wants to extend features. If then you get some view of the 
program/modules like in Squeak ...

just my two cents about programming environments ...


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