Help with learning Erlang

Thomas Arts thomas.arts@REDACTED
Wed Sep 28 11:54:02 CEST 2005

Hi Jose

There is a pretty strong group at the University of A Coruna that is 
very well capable of
teaching Erlang. Why not take a course there?
Look for LFCIA.

There are even people there that used Erlang for AI!

Jose Balado wrote:

> Hi, I am Jose Balado from Santiago de Compostela, (Galicia, Spain), and would 
>like to know if there is somebody, preferably near to meet in person, to help 
>me with learning Erlang or perhaps interested in learning it with me.
> I am studying second course of "Tecnico superior en administracion de 
>sistemas informaticos", sorry but I don't know the equivalent degree in 
>Europe. I would like to do a final proyect for this course with Erlang if I 
>be able to persuade the teacher, so any help to this matter will be greatly 
> I would like to program some basic artificial intelligence problems using 
>Erlang and I am trying to do with Erlang the problems from Ivan Bratko book 
>"Prolog  programming for articificial intelligence". I studied logic and a 
>little prolog in my philosopy studies. I have a bachelor degree in philosopy.
> Hey, I think only a bachelor degree in philosophy should be allowed to be PhD 
>"Doctor of Philosophy" :-)
> If anyone is willing to make a team with me please, let me know.
>Thank you very much,

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