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Shawn Pearce spearce@REDACTED
Wed Sep 21 17:31:20 CEST 2005

"Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB)" <joe.armstrong@REDACTED> wrote:
>     BTW - why is it called XMLHTTP? - as far as I can see there is absolutly no
> requirement for the server responding to requests with XML - the server can reply with
> any old string that it feels like, and a javascript receptor can do anything
> it feels like with the result.

Because XML is coooooool.  Or something like that.  Management will
purchase anything with a hot buzzword in it, if they had just
called it HTTPRequest it wouldn't have gotten management buy-in,
as everything was about XML at the time.  SOAP was especially cool
around 1999.  But SOAPHTTPRequest might have been considered to be
too specific, so XMLHTTPRequest it is...

Why is Erlang called Erlang?  :-) Why is Internet Explorer not
called Automatic Virus Downloader?


  "We learn from history that we learn nothing from history."
  -- George Bernard Shaw

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