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Dale Harvey harveyd@REDACTED
Tue Sep 20 21:49:35 CEST 2005

Sorry to bring up an unaswered thread, but I started playing about with the 
again, and getting some progress, but i still cant find how to replicate the 
post information sent by the browser using http:request, it seems pretty 
close but without being able to find any documentation I cant see what im 
doing wrong,


are both throwing the same error
(mymodule:out/1 is just io:formatting arg for now)

I assume its getting close as [{"key1","val1"},{"key2","val2"}] is the 
format the post args come out when i parse_post data sent from an actual 
post form.

Ive scraped through the inets - http source code, without finding much 
clues, and nothing on previous newletter / internet searches.
also tried formatting the binary data sent when using an actual form

[{"key1","val1"},{"key2","val2"}] being sent prints out -> 
<<107,101,121,49,61,118,97,108,49,38,107,101,121,50,61,118,97,108,50>> as 
the post body

but this wont binary_to_term, I also tried reverse engineering parse post, 
but having a hard time understanding it
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