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Dale Harvey harveyd@REDACTED
Mon Sep 12 17:22:37 CEST 2005


Im having small problems formulating post arguements in http:request to 
match the format sent by browsers,
allowed types are binary, and string, I outputted Arg after sending a post 
request from a form with 2 fields, number and string
the post part of the argument was in binary, so io:formatting binary_to_term 
came out [{"number","numberval"},{"string","stringval"}]
this is also what yaws_api:parse_post() gave me

which is pretty much what i expected, but if i send, 

PostArg = term_to_binary([{"number","numberval"},{"string","stringval"}])

I need to use 

[{MessageTemp,_}] = yaws_api:parse_post(Arg),
Message = binary_to_term(list_to_binary(MessageTemp)).

to get the post arguments in [{Key,Val}] format (please dont ask how / why i 
came up with that)

So is there any way to manually formulate post arguements to match the 
format they are sent by a browser, 
as I havent found anything to help me do so


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