Where and how does one find Erlang jobs ?

Håkan Stenholm hakan.stenholm@REDACTED
Tue Sep 20 00:47:21 CEST 2005

[I'm posting this somewhat spamish post to this mailing list, as I can't 
think of any better or more appropriate place to post it to.]

I'm currently looking for a job (preferably Erlang or some other 
non-mainstream language), and would like to notify those who might be 
looking for programmers, about my current availability.

I know a number of ways to find Erlang jobs:
* Check this mailing list - thats how I ended up working on YXA 
* Check the Erlang jobs web page 
* Contact known Erlang users, this is a bit trickier, but a fair number 
of presumably Erlang using companies can be found by checking 
www.erlang.se (certified Erlang users) and by checking for whom the 
speakers and participants visiting the "Erlang User Conference", work for.

With this post I'm mainly trying to reach/contact those that are not 
easily reached by the above mentioned methods e.g. those that are not 
publicly using Erlang (as mentioned in recent mailing-list posts), 
companies that may dismiss me as unsuited as they may not even know that 
they use Erlang, etc ...

Any tips or hints are appreciated.


            ___About Me___

* Got a Master of science degree in Computer Science, 1998, at Uppsala 
university (Sweden).

* Well versed in C, Java and Erlang.

* Most noteworthy (Erlang) software development jobs:

- Four years (1998/09 - 2002/11) working at Ericsson developing Erlang 
code for the AXD301 (Multi Service Switch - handling ATM / IP / phone 
traffic / frame relay / ...).
- Seven months (2004/09 - 2005/04) working on YXA (IP telephony server) 
and CPL at Stockholm university ("Sektionen för IT och Media" / 
"Division of IT and media services") to complete the initial YXA 
version, so that it can be tested.

* Links to stuff I worked on:

            ___Contact info___

Name:      Håkan Stenholm
Email:      hakan.stenholm@REDACTED
Address: Stockholm - Sweden
         (this is also my preferred work location, but I'm willing to move)

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