blowfish support in crypto?

Daniel Schutte danie@REDACTED
Thu Sep 15 20:31:54 CEST 2005

Crypto does not in the default installation support blowfish, but you can add 
it since the source is there.  We added standard DES previously and then just 
run make again.  It is a small change to the c code and a small change to the 
erlang code.  I just think that no-one ever needed it - that's why it wasn't 
added to the default installation.

On Thursday 15 September 2005 19:51, Esbjörn Köhler wrote:
> I'm looking for a Blowfish cipher library for erlang, but the Crypto
> application does not seem to support Blowfish. Since Crypto is based on
> OpenSSL and OpenSSL has Blowfish - why is there no Blowfish in Crypto?
> Has anyone seen Blowfish implemented in erlang?
> Esbjörn Köhler


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