Fwd: Bug#328031: erlang: ftbfs [sparc] cp: cannot stat `lib/parsetools/ebin/*.beam'

François-Denis Gonthier neumann@REDACTED
Wed Sep 14 00:00:05 CEST 2005

> This one is actually quite interesting. It means that you're compiling
> the R10B-7 sources with an older compiler that doesn't understand the
> new is_function/2 guard syntax.
> According to your build logs you start each build by running around in
> the unpacked tar ball and removing stuff, including stuff in bootstrap.
> That's not a good idea. Please try a build (on mips which didn't seem
> to have any SIGBUS issues) without clobbering the sources, i.e. just
> tar zxf + cd + ./configure + make.

That is a *precious* observation.  Will actually suspected that problem before 
but you confirm it.

It is true that the clean phase at the start of the automated build actually 
clobbers the bootstrap compiler.  I have inherited the build scripts from the 
previous maintainers and I'm just starting to comprehend how they work or, in 
some case, why they suck.

I'm working on improving the build system to make it work with pristine 
upstream sources using auto-applied patches so that agressive cleaning such 
as it is currently done right now will no longer be necessary.
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