Fwd: Bug#328031: erlang: ftbfs [sparc] cp: cannot stat `lib/parsetools/ebin/*.beam'

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Tue Sep 13 22:47:05 CEST 2005

François-Denis Gonthier writes:
 > On 13 September 2005 05:48, you wrote:
 > > This log is line-wrap damaged, but in all cases it's erlc that SIGBUSes.
 > > I don't have any Debian boxes, but R10B-7 builds fine for me on
 > > a) SPARC/Solaris9, gcc-4.0.1
 > > b) x86/Linux (Fedora Core 4), gcc-4.0.1
 > > c) PowerPC/OSX 10.3.9, gcc-4.0.1
 > > and I've successfully built similar versions on PowerPC/Linux (YDL4).
 > If you are interrested in the full logs for each failing platforms you can see 
 > them at: http://packages.qa.debian.org/e/erlang.html
 > > Since the Debian issues occur on multiple architectures, I suspect that
 > > Debian's toolchain, i.e., its glibc+binutils+gcc combo, is busted.
 > The crash occurs for 3 different reasons out of those 3 platforms.
 > The problem on Mipsel and arm look like erlc bugs: 
 > [...]
 > erlc -W   +debug_info -I../include -I../../kernel/include -o../ebin 
 > beam_lib.erl
 > ./beam_lib.erl:685: illegal guard expression
 > ./beam_lib.erl:692: illegal guard expression

This one is actually quite interesting. It means that you're compiling
the R10B-7 sources with an older compiler that doesn't understand the
new is_function/2 guard syntax.

According to your build logs you start each build by running around in
the unpacked tar ball and removing stuff, including stuff in bootstrap.
That's not a good idea. Please try a build (on mips which didn't seem
to have any SIGBUS issues) without clobbering the sources, i.e. just
tar zxf + cd + ./configure + make.


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