Bug in odbc app: size-speciifed varchar() and char() not recognised

Charles F. Schatz cschatz@REDACTED
Sun Oct 30 21:15:22 CET 2005

Using erlang/odbc on win2k with postgreSQL 8.0.4 installed, accessing a
database on my local machine or an external machine, an error crops up when
issuing a query or describe command for columntypes {sql_char, size()} and
{sql_varchar, size()}. Both types are reported as ODBC_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE.
This also happens under cygwin on win2k.

Configuring ODBC connections under win2k odbc manager, an eight byte integer
can be made to show up as a varchar upon fetch, which is correctly
recognised by the erlang odbc application.

Does anyone out here know what might be the problem? 

 Charles F. Schatz

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