Inets HTTP client stability

Peter Lund erlang@REDACTED
Thu Oct 27 15:10:36 CEST 2005

It sound very odd to switch to java for making incoming/outgoing http.
If inets doesn't fullfill your needs, it would be more natural to go 
for yaws (Klackes webserver) and ibrowse (Chandrus http client)
written in erlang....


Heinrich Venter wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am about to develop an app that will act as an http gateway for some 
> of the services we are running.  For the incoming http requests I plan 
> to use httpd from inets.  For the outgonig leg it would thus make 
> sense to use the http client from inets.
> My question is wether any one else is using the inets http client for 
> medium to high volume outgoing traffic?  I know of two instances where 
> people chose to create a java node to make http connections, instead 
> of using inets.
> Is it worth the risk to try the inets solution first, or should I 
> budget the time to make a java node and try to upgrade to inets later?
> Any one with experience in this regard?
> The requirements for the http client will be that many connections 
> will be made to a series of speciffic URLs.
> -]-[einrich

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