wxErlang release

Mats-Ola Persson md1matso@REDACTED
Tue Oct 25 23:19:33 CEST 2005


I would just like to announce that the wxErlang project has finally 
(!) been accepted at sourceforge.net!
You can download wxErlang at wxerlang.sourceforge.net

Any comments are appreciated..

I would also like to involve other developers in the project, if you  
want to help me or if you've made a bug fix, mail me.

Some words of caution:
Building wxErlang is a mess.. the current version has been built on  
Mac OS X and GTK+ (Linux)
wxErlang is more or less a big hack at the moment, a lot of bugs, and  
probably a lot of memory leaks
wxErlang is slow on most platforms, but especially Motif. Probably  
due to a crappy implementation of wxWidgets' Motif back end.

Mats-Ola Persson

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