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My name is Rebecca Calsada.  I work for a company in Chicago.  It has
come to my attention that the company is using "Erlang" to create
service levels for people in phone teams.  Unsurprisingly, the
management on site doesn't know what Erlang is.  As an employee, I want
to know what it is that I am judge by.


My research, on line, led me to this very informative site:

I found this e-mail address there.


Though I have read the FAQ thoroughly, I don't feel confident in my
knowledge.  The main reason why I'm seeking answers is that the upper
management is creating criteria for the phone teams to meet that are


Broad questions are:

            What is Erlang mostly used for?

            Is it best for phone centers where each call is almost
always identical? (Information center, catalog ordering...)

            Is Erlang good for a call center where each call is
unpredictable in length and difficulty?


Thank you for taking the time to read this!


I can also be reached at



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