Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Sun Oct 16 18:46:44 CEST 2005

Attached please find a patch to erl_call utility that accomplishes the 

- added support for using SSH for remote start of a node (-ssh option)
- added an ability to do a pattern match on a result of an function
   call using -a option.  erl_call will exit with 0 if pattern match
   succeeded and with 1 otherwise.  Extended syntax:
     -a 'Pattern = Mod:Fun(Args)'
     -a '{_, _, _} = erlang:now()'

There are still quite a few /* FIXME */ comments in the original source 
of erl_call.c.  Are they going to be addressed anytime soon?

I hope that this patch can make it in the distribution.


Serge Aleynikov
R&D Telecom, IDT Corp.
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