ODBC and a remote Oracle database

Adam Aquilon adam.aquilon@REDACTED
Fri Oct 14 17:45:04 CEST 2005

I'm hardly an expert at ODBC or the erlang interface, but maybe it could
be that the local
machine is lacking the odbc drivers? Or maybe the config files. Are you
using some kind
of Oracle-provided ODBC client library?
Oracle also have their own OCI library -- Oracle Call Interface. I seem
to remember that
the "tnsnames.ora" file was involved in that interface.
We use the "unixODBC-2.2.3-6" package on old RedHat 9 servers.
It depends on config info in "/etc/odbc.ini" and "/etc/odbcinst.ini".
They contain settings like server, port, database name, driver shareable
library etc.
Hope that helps,
/Adam Aquilon



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Subject: ODBC and a remote Oracle database

Hi all,
I'm trying to access a remote Oracle database from Erlang through ODBC.
I define the DSN pointing to a TNS Service Name which points to a remote
Oracle database (and use Oracle's ODBC driver). Using the connection
string "DSN=ev;UID=test;PWD=test" I get error
    {error,"No SQL-driver information available. Connection to database
The same configuration works fine when ran in the machine where Oracle
Should a different connection string be used? Any other suggestions?
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