Change not reflected when using ets:update_counter

Anindya Mozumdar anindya@REDACTED
Thu Oct 13 06:13:52 CEST 2005

chandru wrote:
>>    I am using ets:update_counter/3 to update a field in a table which
>>has been created as follows :
>>mnesia:create_table(my_table,[{disc_copies, [node()]},{attributes,
>>record_info(fields, my_table)}])
> You have to use mnesia:dirty_update_counter to update counter values
> in mnesia tables.
> Chandru

Thanks for the info. However, the ets:update_counter function allows me 
to specify a position which needs to be updated with an increment. The 
mnesia:update_counter function does not seem to have this facility.

Is there any way I can specify the position to update ? What is my_table
has two integer fields, and I want to update different fields in 
different situations ?

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