Jim Larson jim@REDACTED
Thu Nov 17 09:28:54 CET 2005

I've recieved approval to release the JSON library for Erlang!
I'll get it cleaned up and released tomorrow.

In message <EF4121B4EBC4E045BDE1273F9D0A87FF011209AA@REDACTED
se> Joe Armstrong writes:
>IMHO you might get a nicer mapping if you changed strings to binaries.

I've pondered that.  It's a little awkward with the quoting and
unquoting you need to do.  Binaries also imply that you'd need to
choose a Unicode format for the internal representation that would
be good for all applications.

>I'd let the parser return an association list (not a dict) - since (probably) 
>the object is small
>and it's nice to be able to print it and pattern match it directly.

Yeah - I'd be glad to trade the asymptotic efficiency of dicts for
compactness and nicer printing.  I liked dicts until they started
showing up in error reports.  I'll probably change this in a future

Pattern matching?  This means you'd have to:

	* have the JSON decoder always sort the assoc-list;
	* remember to maintain your pattern assoc-list in sorted order;
	* have optional fields sort after mandatory fields.

Am I forgetting some new language feature?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Jim Larson

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