bug in inets or erlang!

Peter Lund erlang@REDACTED
Tue Nov 29 15:55:48 CET 2005

Yes, the important question here is if:


really should crash the code just because it is 1 sec too early? No-one seems to have any opinion about it!

I am running on R10B (5.4.8). How do you figure out which "R10B-NN" it is?

Regarding why inets made this call when I tried to surf to "/" on my server I do not know. I hoped that some OTP person should fix this. The index.html on the DocumentRoot place was not even close to 36 years old (just a couple of months).


Matthias Lang wrote:

>I started off by wondering why universaltime_to_localtime() doesn't
>work for the date you gave. The relevant files are
>erts/emulator/beam/bif.c and erts/emulator/beam/erl_time_sup.c. In 
>univ_to_local(), there's a rangecheck on the year. If it's less than
>BASEYEAR, the call fails. BASEYEAR is 1970. Real men don't read
>manuals, but it'd help all the sissies like me if the manual gave a
>clue about that.
>The other question is easier to answer---your trace provides all the
>information. inets calls univeraltime_to_localtime/1 with an argument
>from 1969 because the file you tried to get inets to serve has a 
>modification time from 1969. Take a look at the log to see which file
>it was.
>peter writes:
> > After my FreeBSD server running erlang was restarted, suddenly
> > INETS was not comming up as it was expected to. In the inets
> > error_log I found:
> > 
> > > more error_log_16111
> > [26/Nov/2005:13:14:42 -0000] reporting error: traverse exit from apply: mod_get:
> > do =>
> > {badarg,[{erlang,universaltime_to_localtime,[{{1969,12,31},{23,59,59}}]},
> >          {calendar,local_time_to_universal_time_dst,1},
> >          {httpd_util,rfc1123_date,1},
> >          {mod_get,get_modification_date,1},
> >          {mod_get,do_get,1},
> >          {httpd_response,traverse_modules,2},
> >          {httpd_response,generate_and_send_response,1},
> >          {httpd_request_handler,respond,3}]}
> > 
> > 
> > WHY is inets calling erlang:universaltime_to_localtime/1 with  [{{1969,12,31},{23,59,59}}] ?? Looks like a potential bugg to me OR should this bug actually be located to the erlang module instead? Should this call really result in a crach?
> > 
> > Anyhow to get inets up and running again I had to patch the calendar.erl module catching for this crash and in that case return {{1970,1,1},{0,0,0}}. 
> > 
> > What need to change here erlang or some module in inets?
> > 
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