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Claes Wikstom klacke@REDACTED
Fri Nov 25 09:53:30 CET 2005

Corrado Santoro wrote:
> Sanjaya Vitharana wrote:
>> Since, inets in the official erlang doc I thought that.
>> No, not tried yaws yet.
>> I think we can create something like mode_php to support PHP on inets. 
>> Are
>> anybody already did that ?
> If you want a feature like that of PHP, but with Erlang, I think it's 
> better to use YAWS, since it allows you to embed Erlang code in HTML 
> pages (like PHP but using Erlang as programming language). It is very 
> powerful and you can exploit the whole Erlang runtime library.
> For me, using inets+PHP is something useless: for example, what is the 
> advantage of inets+PHP with respect to Apache+PHP?

Actually it's not such a bad idea and Yaws does indeed support
php pages. I use it when I want to run some PHP package on
my Yaws site. Obviously Yaws only supports PHP over the CGI
interface making it considerably slower for Yaws to ship php
pages than for apache.

On the other hand, we may take confort in the fact that yaws
ships .yaws pages a lot faster than apache ships .php pages


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