Release Packages and Namespaces

Paul Mahon dufflebunk@REDACTED
Fri Nov 11 05:04:11 CET 2005

	I am trying to follow the information in the OTP design principals with
a small application I'm making. I decided to try out the packages, so I
have two modules, ymp.ymp and ymp.config. I can follow the instructions
right up to the point of running systools:make_tar. The command either
complains that it can't find a ymp.ymp.beam file, or else constructs the
tar with the ymp.beam file in the lib/ymp-1.0/ebin directory rather than
in lib/ymp-1.0/ebin/ymp. This causes running the application to fail
since erl expects a module called ymp.ymp to be in a ymp subdirectory.

	Am I doing something completely wrong, or does systools not support the
namespaces/packages module?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

The release file looks like this:
{release, {"ymp", "0.1"},
  {erts, "5.4.9"},
  [ {kernel, "2.10.10"},
    {stdlib, "1.13.9"},
    {ymp, "0.1"}]

And the .app file looks like this:
{application, ymp, [
  {description, "Yaws module packages"},
  {vsn, "0.1"},
  {modules, [ymp, config]},
  {registered, [ymp_controler]},
  {applications, []},
  {mod, {ymp.ymp, [
    {ymp_conf, "/home/dufflebunk/Projects/erlang/ymp/ymp.conf"}

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