Is concurrency hard?

Alex Arnon alex.arnon@REDACTED
Sun Nov 6 17:25:33 CET 2005

On 11/5/05, Robert Raschke <rrerlang@REDACTED> wrote:

I get the impression a lot of people think about where and how to
> store data when programming (i.e., how do I manipulate the data),
> instead of concentrating on the transformational aspect (i.e., what am
> I doing to the data).
> I think that as long as you are concentrating on manually moving data
> about in piecemeal fashion, you are unlikely to notice any
> opportunities for making use of concurrency.
> I feel that the best way of noticing concurrency in your application
> is by carefully crafting the vocabulary that describes your problem
> and its solution. Very often you will find that storage does not rate
> very highly in such a vocabulary, allowing you to concentrate on the
> functional ascpect of you application. Even more fundamentally, if
> your vocabulary does end up with words for things that need storage,
> you can be sure that they are the ones that will limit your
> concurrency.


Thank you for so eloquently putting that into words, I've been trying to
properly verbalize this for a while :)
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