linux Erlang/OTP status

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Fri Nov 4 22:43:25 CET 2005

Marthin Laubscher writes:

 > I'd normally try finding answers first by searching the archives of
 > questions asked, but for some reason the search function of the mailing list
 > seem broken - so I need to ask this way.

The MHonArc search function searches nothing by default. You have to
explicitly select the months you want searched. I don't know why it's
like that, it confused me too.

An alternative is to use google, e.g. prefix your google query with 

and you should get what you want.

 > What's the status of linux erlang/otp? I've seen it in the debian disto
 > where it's called "unstable", and seen comments dating back to 1999 in which
 > it would seem like linux ports where commonplace, and would assume that six
 > years later large communities are running Erlang on linux. Yet I can't seem
 > to find one. Any help?

Erlang compiles just fine under linux. No tweaking required, at least
not under debian on x86.

Various volunteers have provided .rpm and .deb files in the past, and
you can get quite up-to-date-but-experimental versions of the latter


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